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The CPJ Community Center

The Community

Lepanto supports at least 2,000 households or roughly 10,000 people. Majority of its workforce are third-generation employees, proof of the favorable working environment and benefits that the company provides. Housing units and utilities like water and electricity are provided free to the mine-based employees. Those who cannot be accommodated are given substantial housing allowance.


Sports Development and Recreation

Named after Lepanto's first Filipino Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Carlos Palanca Jr. (CPJ) Community Center was built by Lepanto for recreation purposes for its employees and dependents. The CPJ complex has various recreational amenities such as the CPJ theater (which used to be a movie house), the Lepanto museum, sports facilities like basketball, volleyball and badminton courts, a canteen managed by the Lepanto Women's Association, children's playground and a livelihood center. It also hosts sports programs for men and women participated in by both employees/dependents and local communities of Mankayan. Sports events include basketball, volleyball, badminton and golf (etc)


The Company built three churches on site: Catholic, Iglesia ni Kristo, and Anglican. These churches are provided free electricity and water.

Outreach Programs

Children aged seven and below enjoy Lepanto's "Pamaskong Handog sa mga Bata and Kids Fun Day" every Christmas with parlor games, fun gifts and hearty meals. Lepanto also spearheads donation of school supplies to children from the communities within and outside Lepanto. Our Lepanto Hospital also sponsors feeding program for children in our day care centers. 

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