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To be a global Filipino mining company by attaining world-class capabilities and becoming a corporate model in the fulfillment of social responsibilities. 

We shall turn this vision into reality through the efforts of highly motivated, committed, and competent employees who: 


  • continually explore and develop ore reserves

  • optimize metal production through cost-efficient operations

  • maintain outstanding safety records and ensure responsible environmental stewardship

  • foster mutually beneficial partnership with host communities

  • exhibit initiative and decisiveness

We in Lepanto are determined to enhance shareholders' investment through the pursuit of excellence.


We commit to become a model of a socially responsible mining organization through the effective implementation of our environmental standards, procedures and programs.

We commit to enhance our environment, minimize the impact of our operations thereon and continually improve our environmental management system performance by:


  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable legal requirements, industry standards and other requisites

  • Promoting environmental management system awareness among our employees, suppliers, contractors, host community and business partners through an effective information dissemination drive

  • Fostering sustainable and responsible use of resources, effective waste management and pollution control; and

  • Enhancing the organizational capabilities and employees’ competencies towards environmentally responsible and efficient operations

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